ATOM™ Wireless Single Earbud Headset

Regular price $18.99

Cut the cord!  The Atom™ is one of the smallest single wireless earbud on the market.  High quality sound and no more frustrations with tangles or knotted cords.  Full color Fireglaze ™ graphic is the control button where you can power ATOM™ on and off, play and pause audio, and activate voice control.  You can activate Siri or Google allowing you to call a person in your contacts, send a voice text message, and much more.  A single earbud allows listening to your device while still being aware of your surroundings.  An excellent safety feature.   

  • Talk/Listen Time- 3.5 hours; Standby Time- 40 hours; Charge Time- 1 hour
  • Answer or decline incoming calls simply by saying yes or no
  • Side switch allows volume control and seeking
  • Double-flange ear tips secure earbud in ear and provide highest quality sound 

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